Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Headline Photo | Egg Yolk Ravioli

While the latest batch of bacon is curing, I wanted to write  about the egg yolk ravioli in the headline photo.

I’ve always loved egg yolks and was inspired to try the ravioli by Michael Ruhlman’s post The Tenderness of Pasta.  The last sentence of his introduction got me, “The yellow ooze is worth the effort”.

Checking around on the internet, I found a post by Eunny (Post #59 near the bottom of the page) that sounded great to me. I used my pancetta-flavored hickory smoked bacon, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and basil since I had them on hand; rather than pancetta, Pecorino Romano and sage. 

The yellow ooze was worth it.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_02

Cracked-pepper pasta.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_03

Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Here you can see my lovely sky blue Formica counter-top from the 70’s that stains at a hard glance.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_04

A snack for the cook. A basil leaf on a shard of P-R is quite tasty.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_06

Rolling the pasta…


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_07

until thin enough.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_10

Yolks on a bed, and with a protective cap, of P-R.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_11 

Some air pockets, but not too bad.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_14

Set loose from their neighbors with a pastry cutter.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_15

Lardons from my bacon ends that were too odd-sized to slice...


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_17



Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_16

Ready to brown the butter for the  sauce with chiffonade of basil to garnish.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_19

Ready to eat after boiling the pasta two minutes, drizzling with beurre noisette, and garnishing with the basil and fried lardons.  You don’t want to cook the yolk too much.


Egg Yolk Ravioli-02152009_23

Ah, there it is, the yellow ooze!

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