Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oooh-Mommy :) Bacon Jam thanks to Foodie with Family

Bacon Jam03082011_08
Through many convoluted steps, I found this recipe for Bacon Jam on Foodie with Family’s site (via, The Perfect…)
Bacon Jam03082011_01
The recipe started with 3 pounds of bacon; as my husband says “any recipe that starts with a pound of bacon must be good”, I thought this must be extra special.

Bacon Jam03082011_02
First you cut the bacon into bits and crisp it.

Bacon Jam03082011_05
One could almost stop right here and be happy.

Bacon Jam03082011_06
Then caramelize a bunch of onions in the bacon fat.

Bacon Jam03082011_07
Add garlic cloves, smashed and peeled; cider vinegar; packed brown sugar (light or dark; I prefer light); pure maple syrup; and brewed strong coffee.

Bacon Jam03082011_08
Reduce to a spreadable mixture with an immersion blender and store in a sterilized quart Mason jar.
Umami (Oooh-Mommy) Jam!

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