Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cozy Winter Lunch | Potato – Leek soup and Croques-Monsieur

Croques-Monsieur 01102010_07

I found this potato – leek soup on David Lebovitz’s blog. It was wonderful with the sandwich. This may be one of my favorite lunches.


Potato - Leek Soup 01102010_01

Butter, leeks, home-made chicken stock (the recipe calls for water, but I figured a couple of cups of stock substituted for some of the water wouldn’t hurt), bay leaves and thyme, russet potatoes (had some sitting around), white pepper and chili powder.


Potato - Leek Soup 01102010_02

Sweating the leeks in the butter.


Potato - Leek Soup 01102010_03

Simmering until the potatoes are tender.


Potato - Leek Soup 01102010_05

Buzzed with an immersion blender.


Croques-Monsieur 01102010_01

Gruyere (got it sliced into “sandwich slices” at the charcuterie counter), sourdough bread, honey-baked ham I had vacuum-sealed and frozen from Christmas.


Croques-Monsieur 01102010_04

Two layers of cheese and ham.


Croques-Monsieur 01102010_05

Microplaned a bit of cheese on top of the skim of butter.


Croques-Monsieur 01102010_06

Baked, then broiled a bit to brown the cheese. It’s wonderful that something so simple can be so good.

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